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Staff Onboarding

Videos provide an efficient way of conveying a large amount of information effectively and saving time on repetitive processes like staff training and recruitment. This is backed up by research from Social Media Week found that viewers claimed to retain 95% of a video's content. 

It's no wonder that Reflections has been engaged to create training and recruitment videos to streamline the process for organisations like the NHS, charities and large scale retail operations.

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Tell me more...

As with all our video content, Reflections likes to bring a human aspect to the narrative and create a feeling of identifying with the stories. We find that when a video makes a connection with the heart the information lives long in the head.

Judicious use of humour can also provide a powerful connection with the audience and help illustrate the 'culture' of your organisation. We work with you to establish the right tone for you and we always respect the sensitivites of the subject matter when communicating to or about diverse audiences.

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