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Top 5 Reasons why Video should form part of your recruitment strategy

Consumers increasingly expect to see a video when making a decision about a major purchase or commitment. And choosing your next job is one of the most important decisions you can make - so recruitment is no exception.

A young care assistant helping her elderly resident
The care profession has struggled with recruitment

Some sectors are particularly struggling to recruit in this current climate where enforced changes during the pandemic lead to people seeking alternative forms of employment to their previous career. The fact that fewer have decided to migrate back to these sectors has create a particular issue for Early Years Childcare, Hospitality and the Care Sector in general. We believe video can be an extremely powerful tool in helping to buck this trend.

Many of the compelling reasons for using a video apply to most scenarios:

The ability to convey and retain a greater amount of information

Bringing the subject to life in an engaging, fun away

Providing a 24/7 resource that does your sales job for you

But, we've identified 5 specific reasons why video is particularly suited to the task of recruitment.

1. What do you do?

With video's natural ability to tell a story in a matter of frames, you can show off the whole purpose of your company's existence and what everyone is working towards quickly and effectively. "Show, not tell" is a scriptwriter's mantra for a reason. Whereas a complicated looking series of paragraphs can leave people none the wiser as to what your company is all about, a 15-20s sequence can often set the scene for you in less time than it takes to write this sentence.

2. What's it like working there?

Image showing staff collaborating to demonstrate company culture

The culture of an organisation defines the mood of your every working day. These things are so difficult to express in the written word or even to gauge on entering and exiting a building for the interview. A video can be pitched in such a way as to bring your culture, the mood and team morale to life. Whether it's work hard, play hard or break-out areas and table-tennis tables - make sure you give a representative snapshot of a day in your work life.

Who knows, it might have an effect from the bottom up and positively improve culture moving forward?

3. Aspiration and Inspiration

People may not fully understand what pleasure, satisfaction and sense of achievement you feel working in a caring environment for example. People make assumptions about things they don't fully understand, so seeing people express their feelings about their job and what motivates them to turn up every day is enormously powerful. Reflections always advocates natural conversations with real people who do the actual jobs, speaking from the heart. Seeing genuine emotion, from an impassioned employee creates a visceral human connection with the audience. It's this state of engagement which truly creates influence and drives action.

4. Stay ahead of the competition

Studies have found that companies using video in their recruitment process received much better feedback from candidates than those that didn't have a video and on average, achieved 34% higher application rate. A video demonstrates that your company is using the latest tools for your business, you're proud and confident in what you have to offer and you're happy to invest in professional content to attract the best talent. Put it this way - wouldn't you rather work for the cool company with a snappy video or the one that is still in the dark ages?

5. Retention

A huge part of being able to retain employees for the long term is recruiting the right people in the first place. A video can make a serious contribution towards giving a genuine impression of your workplace and the chances are that you then attract people who believe in the company's purpose, buy into the culture and want to make their contribution felt too. Staff who feel proud of what you do and are om board with what your video represents will be the best ambassadors your business has ever had.

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