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Working with Stepping Stones homeless support in Stratford on Avon

What is Stepping Stones?

Stepping Stones will be the charity fundraising arm set up to support the fantastic work of the HR Coffee Bar in Stratford Upon Avon. They are planning on launching the charitable organisation in Q1 of 2022.

Reflections were delighted and humbled to work recently with Dan Holland, proprietor of HR Coffee Bar to help highlight the amazing work he does for the homeless people of Stratford Upon Avon. Dan has been supporting the homeless with food, clothing and shelter pods and it has been our absolute pleasure to create a promotional video for them showing their selfless acts of kindness for the community. The video will be available soon and will of course be posting updates and more details on our website to help spread the word. Look out for Steppingstones Stratford Upon Avon coming soon.

About HR Coffee Bar

This inspiring coffee bar in Stratford Upon Avon provides a meal kitchen for homeless people in the town after collaborating with a local community group during the covid pandemic.

HR Coffee bar in Windsor Street was originally approached by not-for-profit organisation, Street Arts Project, about providing meals to help the homeless and vulnerable people that they support in Stratford. The Catering Manager, Dan, decided to go one step further when other charitable food kitchens were closed in Stratford because of Covid-19.

This vital support network for the homeless has continued to this day and Dan and his team now help homeless people by holding meal kitchens from Monday to Thursday and serving cooked breakfasts from Friday to Sunday serving up to 25 meals a day.

Dan said, “We feed about 25 people a day. It is food we cook for our customers so it is good quality and a high standard and any food that is remaining is put into boxes so they can take it away and eat it at a later date."

The missing link

Another thing that the HR Coffee Bar is providing which elevates them above and beyond being a vital food kitchen, they provide practical support as well. Whether it's advice, practical training on cooking for themselves or even providing them with a safe, secure shelter they often provide the missing link in the support chain that other organisations can't fulfil.

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