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Reflections Team attends Childcare and Education Expo 2022

We were invited by the lovely people at Broadway Events to film their flagship event at Olympia - the Childcare & Education Expo 4-5th March. We took the opportunity to exhibit ourselves so it was our first official team outing for the whole crew! London here we come!

A lot of the hardwork was in preparing for the show and making sure everything was set up for success - for both projects: Filming the Event and Promoting Reflections. (Just ask Tia - I'm a stickler for pre-planning!)

This was our first exhibition with all the Reflections team together in one space, with no laptops, zoom invitations and ‘you’re on mute!’ involved. We came with our head drone pilot Michael, his colleague Rob, sales and marketing director Adam, our head of Creative Tia (who was also filming the event for Broadway Events) and of course, me, the Director.

Our first port of call was to ensure our stand, stands out! We decided to work with the company directly associated with the event managers, Insite Marketing Solutions Ltd as they were the contract suppliers for Olympia and could provide us with all information needed to make the most of our stand. As we are a media company, we kept our graphics predominantly visual, and would advise limited textual cues, as the monitor and photographs we displayed were what drew people in. Given the nature of the attendees we tailored the style and the message to themes that would appeal to the early years learning professionals. Don't just take our word for it - see what you think below:

Graphic showing the wall decoration for the Reflections Film and Media Stand

We had very positive feedback from visitors attending the event and were able to keep our display for many events to come!

The day before the show started we did a final run through of our 2 checklists and packed up our faithful steed - Winnie for our road trip down to London. So exciting! We were armed with merchandise, our new branded clothing, video equipment, everything for the stand and of course, bags of enthusiasm. Let's go and conquer London!

After the usual check-in chaos for getting into the exhibition hall itself we soon threw ourselves into getting everything set up for the big launch day. Satisfied with our efforts we headed off to put our feet up. Big day tomorrow!

Ruth and Tia photo at the Reflections Film and Media exhibition stand
Set up crew - job done!

The next day - the fun begins. Arriving on the day, we were armed with everything we needed to engage visitors and get them on our books. A quick catch up with the rest of the team and then before we knew it the floodgates opened and the show was live! Tia and I were dashing all over the hall capturing footage (see below) whilst Mike, Rob and Adam manned the stand.

We offered a ‘freebie’ to all visitors – a free Instant polaroid picture to take home with them. We put this in a personalised tote bag, with a flyer and voucher for all that attended the Childcare & Education EXPO. From a business perspective we had 00's of great conversations, captured a lot of leads and we went home exhausted but very satisfied with our first road trip.

As for the show organisers, Broadway Events were delighted with their video. So much so, they've asked us back to film at their Bolton event on 17-18th June and 23-24th September in Coventry. So, hopefully we'll see you there!

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