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Reflections FAQs

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

How much will a Video cost?

Our videos are bespoke, so no two jobs are ever the same. The cost will depend on what you are looking to create, the length and content of the video. We supply you with options to suit your budget.

Where are you based?

We are based in North Oxfordshire, but we travel all over the UK, Ireland and Wales.

Are you on Social Media?

Yes, you can find out more about us on our Facebook Site -

How can you keep our staff and yourselves covid safe during filming?

Your video will be treasured by you for a long time in the future. Therefore, it’s very important that we don’t date your video by filming interviews, cast etc wearing masks. We do however, social distance ourselves as much as we can, and we wear face masks if requested to. It is also strongly advisable to ensure anyone who will be in close proximity to other cast or crew takes a lateral flow test on the day.

Are there privacy issues with online videos?

Personal privacy is a very important issue and we are absolutely committed to respecting the privacy of everyone that appears in our videos. If a video is intended for public use, we ask all participants to sign a release form to confirm they are happy to appear in the video and where it can be published.

Of course some clients do not wish their videos to be available to the public so we can provide them through private hosted links or we recommend that the video is behind some password protected gateway.

Do you do Photography as well as video and how much does it cost?

Yes, we do. Our skilled videographers are also highly talented photographers. These days, everyone can take photographs with their phone, but the difference between a heavily processed image taken through a tiny smartphone lens and one taken by a professional which is perfectly composed, well-lit, shot on a high-end SLR with a high quality optical lens is beyond comparison.

Most of our clients book their photography bundle as part of a video shoot - which makes the best use of our time while we're on location and is far more economical than making a special booking for a stand alone photographer. Please ask about Photography Bundles when you book your shoot.

I'm not a professional actor and I'm nervous about appearing on camera. Do I need to learn lines?

No. Unless we're filming a specific performance or text that has to be spoken verbatim - perhaps for legal reasons, we never ask our 'cast' to learn a script. One of our core skills on set is being able to put performers at their ease and just engage in a natural conversation with them about their work or experience. Before they know it, we've got a genuine, believable performance in the can without a script prompter in sight. Our editor then works her magic to bring the whole thing together seamlessly.

What happens if someone doesn't want to be part of the filming?

Not a problem. There are numerous reasons someone might not want to be filmed, whether privacy, nerves or the unexpected. In those instances we ask that the individual stays off camera where possible. For children, we ask them to wear a sticker saying 'No consent or No Filming' so they can still be included in all regular activities but without being visible in the final edit.

It's worth pointing out that we always issue consent forms before attending a shoot so we have permission for everyone who wants to appear in the video.

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