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How to market your promotional video

Image showing the cover to our new guide to marketing your promotional video effectively
Cover of our new guide to marketing your video

At Reflections Film & Media, we are totally invested in your success and we're proud of the videos (and photography) we produce for our customers. We put love, care and attention into everything we do, to create the best possible realisation of your creative vision. But, we know that however good a promotional video is, it CANNOT change the world, move the needle or transform your business if NO-ONE ever sees it. That's where marketing comes in.

So, to give our videos the best possible chance to achieve the objectives we've all worked towards, we've created a simple guide to digital marketing and how to make the most of your sparkling new video to help you on your way. We give this to all our clients when they've signed off their finished video as our way of showing we really do care about your business and what happens next. (We're in it for the long-haul!)

The topics include:

  • Making a plan

  • Hosting your video

  • Where to publish it

  • Keywords

  • Promotion

  • Analytics

We're not going to claim that this is by any means a definitive guide to everything you need to know about digital marketing. Our base is too broad to pitch the content at too high or too low a level. That said, we like to think we've covered the basics and inspired you to find our more - or understand better what to ask your own digital marketeers / web developers.

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