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SEN Talk - Championing Neurodiversity


  • To raise awareness of the hidden challenges faced by Neurodiverse children and their families.

  • Demonstrate how SEN Talk CIC supports children and parents throughout their childhood development.

  • Create a strong call to action to encourage donations and viral sharing through social media friendly Reels.

What we produced

Neurodiversity is increasingly prevalent in as much as 3% of the population, but is a relatively hidden and misunderstood condition - particularly with children. Neurodiverse children, typically with Autism or Attention Deficit Disorder, can often be disruptive when they can't cope with the over-stimulating environments or situations most of us handle with ease. Schools are often ill-equipped to manage neurodiverse pupils which is hugely detrimental to a young person's development and extremely stressful for parent.

In our fundraising / awareness video for SEN Talk we hear from parents how much they struggled with their children's education and SEN Talk staff explain how they provide a safe space for Neurodiverse children to express themselves in a calm environment, whilst supporting parents in their dealings with Local Authorities.

We also hear from some of these inspiring, engaging children themselves and what they enjoy about SEN Talk.

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