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NHS - Improving Clinical Outcomes for Autistic People


  • Hereford & Worcester NHS Trust wanted to produce a series of videos to improve health outcomes for autistic patients

  • The audience was made up of frontline healthcare staff in GP Services, Hospitals, Pharmacies and Dentists

  • Videos needed to provide a balance between statutory requirements, reasonable adjustments and recommended guidelines for best practice

What we produced

Reflections worked with a committee of people on the autistic spectrum and the program lead for the project to create a series of four training videos for frontline healthcare workers. The scope of the project was ambitious and we had to distil a significant  volume of information into a coherent, clearly communicated series of videos which was hard-hitting enough to connect with the audience, but easily assimilated to allow for workable actions.

Producing the videos was a highly collaborative process and we tried to employ autistic actors where possible with the help of and support of members of the committee. We also had access to two experienced medical practitioners who added a high degree of clinical expertise to the content. 

The videos have been enthusiastically received by the committee and we're confident that their roll-out will deliver a real improvement in health outcomes for autistic people in the region.


'Reflections Film and Media demonstrated an impressive and creative ability to simplify a complex array of guidelines into an engaging and impactful video. They handled sensitive subject matter and a neurodiverse project team with the utmost professionalism and respect. They were always positive, collaborative and solution-orientated, which resulted in a stress-free rewarding experience for all.'

NHS Hereford & Worcester

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