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About Us

Our story

Ruth Thompson, our founder, has always had a talent for making decisions on the spot, creating order out of chaos and exceeding people's expectations so it's no surprise that her natural abilities have lead to her becoming a hugely talented, capable producer / director!

When she commissioned a video for her own nursery business, she was amazed that this lead to an 18 month waiting list for new intake, but despite the outcome she was convinced that she could do a far better job of creating a promotional video which really connected to their audience.  So, teaming up with her talented, creative videographer daughter Tia Bowles, Reflections Film and Media was born.

Initially focussing on what they knew best, they created visually stunning 'virtual tours' for nursery businesses at a time when it was difficult to arrange open-days or personal visits during the height of the covid pandemic. The results spoke for themselves and before long Reflection's style of beautiful, emotive, engaging videos attracted business from a wide variety of clients including the NHS, Montessori, Sen Talk and many more. 

After discovering the power of the moving image to quite literally be a force for good, informing opinion, raising awareness and being a catalyst for positive action, the Reflections Film and Media team has made it their mission to work on projects that try and make a difference to our world one frame at a time.


So, please take the time to review our work and understand The Reflections way of doing things. If you like what you see, please get in touch or book an initial no obligation chat and we can begin the creative process together.


Ruth and Tia

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